April 8th Rally Update

1200+ demonstrators opposing SB 277 went to the capitol on Wednesday for the rally and Senate Health Committee. Our voices were strong and loud. Unfortunately, after a long day, SB277 did pass in the Health Committee. However, both Nielsen and Roth opposed and Hernandez abstained.

There were several of us who met from the Tahoe and Sierra Nevada regions. 3 of us followed up by meeting with Ted Gaines’ staff to continue to voice opposition. Despite what the news stated, the staffer commented on how impressed everyone was with the opposition’s professionalism and calm manner (they expected more of us to be like the few who made it on TV).


SB 277 still has to pass in the Education and Judiciary Committees. Do not get defeated if it does pass in each committee as there it has a long process. Please see our blog for action items on how you can voice your opposition.