Senate Education Hearing – April 15th

The CA Senate Education Committee Hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 at 9am in room 4203 of the Capitol Building in Sacramento.

Logistics and Guidelines:

  • A rally is being held behind the capitol building in Sacramento at 8am. If you attend, please start going through security at 8:30. The hearing starts at 9am.
  • Parking garages have low clearance and cost $15-$20 per day. If you park at a meter, bring quarters and set a timer (they only run for two hour increments).
    • There is a parking garage at L and 4th which is part of a mall. There are bathrooms at that mall.
  • Please dress professionally as you would if you were attending a job interview. You can bring a sign to the rally, but signs are not allowed in the hearing.
  • Please act politely. If you are attending the hearing, there is no clapping nor booing. If you cannot hold your tongue, please do not sit in the main hearing room and move to the overflow rooms.
  • If you would like to vocalize your opposition at the end, please ONLY say: your name, your city, and that you oppose. Nothing else!
  • The hearing room fills up quickly so there will be overflow rooms. Stay up-to-date by joining the OKOC Facebook Group and checking your phone through the day.

We hope to see you all there on Wednesday!