Education Committee Update from 4/15


The CA Senate Education Committee hearing was extremely well attended this morning! OKOC and other opposing groups and individuals were out in full-force and the enthusiasm was incredible! A huge thanks goes out to all who attended today and spoke out in opposition to SB 277! Senators Lui, Leyva, Hancock, Huff, and Block all made statements that they had serious concerns with and would likely oppose SB 277 if it went to a vote today. After many well considered and pointed questions from the Senators, Senator Liu offered Senator Pan the choice to go to vote today, which was likely to be a No vote, or to postpone the vote until next week at a vote-only hearing. It was requested that Senator Pan provide more answers to the questions and concerns the Senators have regarding this bill.

The decision today, to postpone the vote until next week, is actually in our favor. This signifies that the committee members are being thorough and not rushing to a decision. They are hearing us and truly contemplating the argument and that is a good thing. It also gives us more time to supply them with the facts that speak to their specific concerns so that they can make an informed vote. Feeling frustrated is to be expected. But let’s use this as an opportunity to really make our voices heard and come up with even more compelling and pointed arguments.

Right now the strategic committee is working on action items based on this new development. Stay tuned and get some rest. We’re so proud of everyone and grateful for all of your efforts!