Action Items 4/16, 4/17, and 4/20

1.) EMAIL and FAX the Education Committee members again! Thank them for the questions and concerns they raised at the hearing. Ask them to vote NO on SB 277 at the Vote-only hearing Wednesday, April 22. For talking points, focus on the issues brought up during the Education Committee hearing Q&A. Please see the RESOURCES page or download this packet (OKOC SupportingInfoForEducationCommittee) for more info. But please don’t worry about crafting the perfect letter or presenting the most succinct argument. Just write from your heart and send it of with a blessing! Remember to sign and put your address on your letters.

EMAIL addresses for Education Committee Senators:
Email – Under TO: put your email address.
Under “BCC” put the following email list:,,,,,,,

Be sure to add your name and address at the bottom of your email and faxes or it will not count.

Fax – Please only send your fax one time.
Senator Liu – (916) 651-4925
Senator Runner – (916) 651-4921
Senator Hancock – (916) 651-4909
Senator Leyva – (916) 651-4920
Senator Block – (916) 651-4939
Senator Mendoza – (916) 651-4932
Senator Vidak – (916) 651-4914
Senator Monning – (916) 651-4917

2.) Also write and call your district Senator. If SB 277 passes through the committees it will go to the Senate and the Assembly. We want to make sure our legislators hear from their constituents!

3.) CALLS – There have been differing points of opinion regarding phone actions. Ultimately, you are going to have to decide in your heart what feels right for you to do.

There have been requests to make no calls to senators unless you are their constituent. While it is important to contact your district senator, do not forget that Senators on a committee are there representing all Californians.

It has been reported that callers have been “rude and mean”. Having seen and felt the heart of this movement for months now, we truly believe that any such calls are the exception and not the rule. Consider if you want the only calls they are receiving to be disrespectful or in support of SB 277.

There has been word that staff is “irritated” by so many calls. We have asked multiple different Senate staffers what was the best way to voice our opposition and have repeatedly been told that, if you really want to get your message across, use all forms of communication including calls. They expect to get calls regarding a controversial bill. Phone actions are nothing new – it’s a common and often very effective strategy. But again, please do what feels right to you in this case…

If you do decide to call the Education Committee senators, be polite and thank them for seriously considering the many issues involved with SB 277 and ask them to please vote NO at the vote-only hearing on Wed 4/22.

Senator Liu – (916) 651-4025
Senator Runner – (916) 651-4021
Senator Block – (916) 651-4039
Senator Hancock – (916) 651-4009
Senator Leyva – (916) 651-4020
Senator Mendoza – (916) 651-4032
Senator Monning – (916) 651-4017
Senator Vidak – (916) 651-4014