Can Pan Amend SB 277 before 4/22 Hearing?

In case you were wondering, is Pan allowed to amend SB 277 before the vote-only Education Committee hearing wed 4/22 or was he just given more time to clarify questions?

This is how the process has been explained to us via Senate staff. If you know of any discrepancies here, please share on our Facebook group:

A bill can be amended at any time, so yes, Pan can amend the bill prior to Wednesdays vote-only hearing. That is how bills get passed. The Chair can suggest amendments x, y & z to get the bill passed and the author can take the chairs advice and add the amendments or not add them and submit it to vote as is. The committee can even say they are voting yes based on x, y, z amendments being added and then the author can actually choose to not add the amendments. While it is technically legal for the author to not add the amendments after a yes vote based on them, it is highly frowned upon and 2 things could happen – it would either go to senate floor without the full amendments and most likely not pass or it would be referred back to Education Committee to vote on again (vote-only) as is.

If a senator abstains from voting and a tie vote results then the bill will stay in committee and the author can pull the bill and make changes / ammendments with the committee senators to try to get it to pass.

The only way for a bill to die in committee is a majority No vote.

Let’s keep reaching out to the Education Committee, especially Lui, Hancock, Leyva, Block, Runner and Vidak. We need a solid 5 NO vote!!!