Action Items and Updates 4/22-4/27


Here’s a summary of what happened at the Senate Health Committee Today (4/22/15):

  • Leyva: concerned about workers, working families, single parents and how home schooling/independent study is accessible for them. Nay
  • Monning: thinks the proposed amendments strike a balance. Pro public health as a greater importance over the individual especially when personal choice has a community consequence. Yay
  • Block: feels draconian in terms of education. Is convinced of harm from non vaccinated children. With the assumption of further amendments to come, voted yay.
  • Mendoza: Easy yay
  • Runner: Nay
  • Liu: feels there is a long way to go regarding verbiage of the bill, but feels it is important enough to pass it on. Yay
  • Hancock: Yay
  • Pan: Yay
  • Vidak: Yay
  • Passed to Judiciary 7/2

ACTION ITEMS 4/22-4/27/15:

It’s easy to be frustrated right now, but we need people to be in it for the long haul. Take a moment to rest and rejuvenate. In the meantime, here are the current action items:

TRUCKEE TOWN HALL: Tomorrow 4/23: McClintock’s staff is going to be at Truckee Town Hall from 10-11:30. Some of us will be going to give them the Judiciary information as well as strategize about better ways to feel heard in our community. There is no need to go, as McClintock can’t do anything right now AND has stated he is opposed to SB 277. However, if you would like to meet up with some of us and it would make you feel better to be part of the process, then please show up.

TUESDAY, APRIL 28th 1:30pm: The Judiciary Committee hearing is set for Tuesday, April 28th at 1:30pm at the Capitol Building in Sacramento, room 112, but will likely be moved to room 4203. Again, our presence there is important. Please dress nice, wear red if you like, be polite, and arrive early (aim for 12:45 to get through security). There will most likely be overflow rooms.

Time to contact the Judiciary Committee and make your voice heard. Please add your name and address.

EMAIL addresses for Judiciary Committee Senators:
Email – Under TO: put your email address.
Under “BCC” put the following email list:,,,,,,

FAX – Please only send your fax one time.
Senator Jackson – (916) 651-4919
Senator Moorlach – (916) 651-4937
Senator Anderson – (916) 651-4938
Senator Hertzberg – (916) 651-4918
Senator Leno – (916) 651-4911
Senator Monning – (916) 651-4917
Senator Wieckowski – (916) 651-4910