Update on SB 277 5-2-15

UPDATE on SB 277

SB 277 passed the Judiciary committee on 4/28/15 in a 5-1 vote (Anderson voted no). It has been moved on to the CA Senate Appropriations Committee.

As per the Appropriations Committee the amendments proposed in Judicial Committee’s Bill Analysis will be made part of the SB277 and published in the Senate website. As of now the proposed amendments are not published. Look at my post on amendments to SB277 if you want to know more about the amendments proposed.

Appropriations Committee meets every Monday and this Bill has to clear the Appropriations Committee by May 29th. The Bill is not in the agenda for May 4th or May 11th. The Monday of May 25th is Memorial Day. So the only Monday left for hearing is May 18th. So it looks like the Bill would be before the Appropriations Committee on May 18th (Monday). It is important to show up to the hearing so opponents can show their opposition. We get a ton of media coverage each time, so numbers count!

May 29 (Friday) is deadline for all the Bills to move from Appropriations Committee to Senate Floor. On this day there will be no hearing. Many Bills from suspense file(Bills waiting to be sent to floor) will be heard one after another and moved to floor of Senate after a Yes or No vote. So May 29th is the day when the Bill moves to Senate floor. Bills move to Senate floor at a very fast pace.

The full floor of Senate would vote on this Bill between June 1st to June 5th. June 5th Friday is the last date for all the Bills to be voted. So SB 277 if it clears the Appropriations Committee (which is most likely) will be voted before June 5th.

It is assumed that in full Senate Democrats will vote on party line. We need to figure out which Senators are leaning “No” and reach out to them.
So friends we don’t have much time in hand. We just have 4 weeks to call Senators and get their position and see where we stand. In between we have Memorial Day weekend. Start calling all Republican Senators to make sure they vote “No” on this and also call Democrats whom you feel may vote “No”.

Let us Fight on.