Current Bill Language does NOT have Grandfather clause

NO GRANDFATHER CLAUSE, FYI: I just got off the phone with Senator Gaines’ office. We read through the current bill text line by line together. It is safe to say that despite what Pan has said to the press there is NO grandfather clause in the current amendment to SB 277 as of 5/13/15 (seen here: Again, despite what the newspapers have been saying, there is no clause to “grandfather” existing PBE’s into SB 277 mentioned in the bill nor amendments as of right now. Again, this “grandfather clause” is not real.

Additionally, please be aware that what the amended new section 120338 states that SB 277 will require school children to receive immunizations of the diseases listed in 1-10, but that parents can file PBEs for any new vaccinations thereafter (addressing point 11 about future diseases). This tactic is to placate many of those who oppose. Please note that this language could easily be removed in another amendment and the ability of filing for PBEs could also later be removed. Therefore opposing SB 277 in its entirety is important as we’ve seen that no promises have been kept and lies continue to be fabricated.