Action Item Monday May 18th


Today we need to:
1.) call Dahle and Bigelow to tell them to oppose SB 277. (Dahle: (916) 319-2001; Bigelow: (916) 319-2005)
2.) Fax/call the Assembly Rules Committee
3.) Write Senator Anderson our personal letters.

Details on all of those below:
ACTION ALERT! Please set aside the minutes it takes to make this very quick call! It’s Fighting Monday. Get your RED gloves on!

It’s time to let Sacramento know we’re not going away! Our ally organizations and numbers throughout the State and beyond are growing exponentially on a daily basis! Our resolve is steadfast!

The People of California will ‪#‎KILLtheBILL‬ ‪#‎SB277‬ & ‪#‎SB792‬ and ALL other bills that try to impose medical tyranny! All those who fail to affirm Our Rights in violation of all that we hold sacred and their oath of office to uphold the State and Federal Constitution will be replaced.

1. First and foremost: Sometime after hours on Friday, SB792 was pulled from the Senate Appropriations Committee agenda. As far as we can tell, this is no longer being heard today. HOWEVER, if you are coming up to the capitol anyway, please make good use of the trip! Stop into your Assemblyperson’s office and let them know your stance on this bill and why. Be respectful and informative, and ask for an opposition vote for 792 AND 277.

2. SB277: As most of you know, the bill passed Senate and is now headed for Assembly. It’s first stop is in the Assembly Rules Committee where it gets referred to the appropriate Asm Committees. After it gets referred then it will be scheduled to be heard in the first committee soon after that. We know the Health Committee is a given so we need not concentrate on that; however, just as we did with Senate we need to push for triple referral. Please contact the Assembly Rules Committee members TODAY. They will be referring SB277 to Assembly Committees for up coming hearings. Let them know The People of California want “Special Order of Business” hearings in FOUR of Our Assembly Committees AND Our Joint Committee on Rules.

Politely ask them to refer to the following Committees:
Assembly Appropriations
Assembly Health
*****Assembly Education-Emphasize this committee!!!****
Assembly Judiciary
The Joint Committee on Rules

Assembly Rules Committee
State Capitol, Room 3016
Sacramento, California 95814
916.319.2800 phone
916.319.2810 fax

We also need to CALL (fax if you can) the Chair of the Rules Committee and ask that it be heard in all three committees, mirroring the Senate bill assignment process. You can fax for free using for free if you don’t have a fax machine.

Chair of Rules Committee
Richard Gordon (D)
(916) 319-2024 phone
916-319-2124 fax

Vice Chair Rules Committee
Ling Ling Chang (R)
(916) 319-2055 phone

ALSO call and fax Chair’s of Committees.
Education Chair
Patrick O’Donnell (D)
(916) 319-2070 phone
(916) 319-2170 fax

Education Vice Chair
Rocky Chavez (R)
(916) 319-2076 phone

Judiciary Chair
Mark Stone (D)
(916) 319-2029 phone
(916) 319-2129 fax

Judiciary Vice Chair
Donald Wagner (R)
(916) 319-2068 phone

Appropriations Chair
Jimmy Gomez (D)
(916) 319-2051 phone

Appropriations Vice Chair
Frank Bigelow (R)
(916) 319-2005 phone

Joint Rules Committee Chair
Mike Gipson (D)
(916) 319-2064 phone

Joint Rules Committee Vice Chair
Katcho Achadjian (R)
(916) 319-2035 phone

Bonus action alert – Sen. Anderson would like us to send him our letters of opposition. In a recent letter he wrote:

“Please spread the word about this bill and ask your friends and neighbors to express their opposition to this bill by emailing me so that I can personally deliver your letters to my colleagues.” Joel Anderson’s email –