Approach Teachers and Schools

Many parents and members of the community have been wanting to tell their school superintendent, the principals and their teachers about SB277 and their concerns about how it may impact their schools and communities. We have clearly been told by school districts and charter schools that schools cannot in any way be used to share political information; No flyers, no propaganda on school sites, no information in teacher’s boxes, etc. Apparently the reason is tied to funding in some way. It also seems, that the heads of schools are aware of SB277. Private schools are excepted, so information can be provided there, if the heads of those schools approve.

So, how do teachers find out about the proper language of this bill, especially since it could potentially affect them significantly, let alone the kids they teach and care about? Again, it seems, we turn to grass-roots, bottom up information sharing. If you feel comfortable and feel it’s appropriate, talk to teachers about SB277 off school site.

  • Ask them to talk with their site union representative.
  • Ask them to share their concerns with the CTA.
  • Stimulate the teachers to ask their Union Reps to ASK QUESTIONS. Even if they don’t necessarily oppose SB277, questioning will stimulate conversations. Tell them what you know and why you are concerned.
  • For charter schools, ask the teachers to express any concerns to their directors and the California Charter Schools Association.
  • Direct people to this site which has information specifically for teachers. Don’t give up! Keep on talking with people.