Letter from Dr. Cohen in Opposition to SB 277

(A profound letter written from a doctor residing in Senator Anderson’s district):

“Dear Assembly Member Waldron,

My name is Rob Cohen and I am a registered republican who resides in yours and Senator Anderson’s districts. I am a doctor who works for a progressive, integrative healthcare organization and I work in 2 different clinics. I am in charge of the Physical Medicine Department in 5 clinics across San Diego County for the Organization I work for and under my management are Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, And Acupuncturists. And I wish to provide you with some truthful bullet points and supporting data which leads to the logical opposition of SB277 and preservation of our civil rights, parental rights, and informed consent.

– Only two industries that I’m aware of are deemed uninsurable by actuaries where no insurance company will cover them for risk of harm. They are: nuclear power plants and vaccines. The federal government indemnified both industries as again, insurance carriers will not. And consequently, the pharmaceutical industry is shielded from liability for producing harm. This leaves those injured, left out in the cold. The injury risk is real, otherwise insurance carriers would cover the risk.

– The center for disease control patents vaccines for the pharmaceutical industry. So that agency and the industry are in lockstep with one another. Any research generated which claims safety is just that, a claim. So the validity and reliability of such research must be scrutinized. This is no conspiracy theory. That agency and the pharmaceutical industry gain profit from drug and vaccine distribution. Independent scientists outside of those agencies have generated unbiased research proving the risk of harm, as I outlined above. Please consider these five links, and please keep in mind that this data is never reported by the news. All you see on the news and prime time television is an endless stream of pharmaceutical commercials.

That’s a lot of advertising revenue that would be potentially pulled if the news started reporting the real truth. Here are the links:

Assembly Member Waldron, the first two links discuss the flaw in the peer review system, when government agencies work with a lobbying interest, in this case the pharmaceutical industry and the Centers for Disease Control. Again, how valid and reliable is the research when it’s conducted by an agency who works with the lobbying interest to patent the drug/vaccine, and then legislate in favor of it? The research needs to be done independently from the source of the patent and away from the industry who gains. The next three links provide that unbiased, objective science. The last 3 links show the potential for harm as I depicted above. Please read the content of those three links and the prior two. Please observe that the National Institute of Health authored two of these articles which cover both topics of malfeasance in science and the issue of risk and harm associated with these medical procedures.

Assembly member Waldron, this data leads into the civil rights, parental rights, and religious rights that this bill strips from the people. This country was built on freedom and right to choose. The United States of America was built against tyranny and government over reach. Each one of our ancestors came from some deprived and tyrannical place. Here is a link from an article in USA today which leads into these concepts:

Please note that all of my links are from credible sources such as the NIH and USA today and by real scientists.

Assembly member Waldron, I ask you to solemnly review this material and please consider looking at a vaccine insert which lists chemical substrates such as aluminum, pig and cattle cell tissue, and aborted fetal cells, amongst other things. Our expert witness at the Senate Judiciary Hearing, a pediatrician, pulled the inserts out and proved the truth involving these chemicals against the claim by Senator Pan that vaccines don’t contain fetal cells among other things. Vaccines do contain these and the inserts prove it. This country was built partially on religious freedom. I don’t think Catholics, Jews, or Muslims are real thrilled about those substrates. Nor is anyone thrilled with the potential for harm that is never covered by the news media either. The National Vaccine Act of 1986 shields the Pharmaceutical industry from liability, as I mentioned above with government indemnification. The government has paid out over $3 billion in damages to vaccine-injured families. The risk of harm is there. The people of the United States of America deserve a choice when there is harm.
Lastly, AB2109 is doing it’s job. The proponents of the bill, SB277, claim that the unvaccinated spread disease and that communities with high Personal Belief Exemptions are the source. There is no evidence supporting this claim. There is no compelling state interest to pass such government over reach. On the contrary, consider these statistics from the California department of public health, since AB2109 took effect: Santa Monica-Malibu Unified: personal belief exemptions fell from 14.8% to 11.5%. With that, comes increased vaccinations. Capistrano Unified Personal Belief Exemptions fell from 9.5% to 8.6% since AB2109. Beverly Hills Unified fell from 11.9% to 5%. And Laguna Beach Unified fell from 15.1% to 2%. These are the types of communities Senator Pan is worried about. The last two examples were huge drops in Personal Belief Exemptions at 54% and 86% respectively. That is huge decline with increased vaccinations in those communities. Plus, overall MMR vaccination rates are stable and at or near record highs. Furthermore, There is no history of communicable disease outbreak in these communities that even comes close to the low numbers from the Disneyland outbreak. AB2109 is working. We should let it do it’s job. It has allowed for community immunity while simultaneously giving a small percentage their civil rights. SB277 does not achieve this.

At the end of the day Assembly Member Waldron, I’m not sure this is even about vaccines. It’s about freedom of choice when there is harm or anything else. It’s also about civil rights and informed consent. The populace of the United States of America should never be forced or coerced into any medical procedure. Ever. There is no pandemic, epidemic, national emergency, or microbial threat to warrant such martial-law like tactics. The democrats with senator pan and allen, claim the threat of an outbreak as the basis for this civil rights stripping legislation. There was never an outbreak. 139 cases of measles with no one dead is no outbreak. 25,000 people per year on average for the last 30 years die of the flu in this country. So much for the flu vaccine as well. If there was an actual outbreak, for example Ebola, where thousands were dying, I would be first in line for a shot. But we are not living in this atmosphere. AB2109 is working and personal belief exemptions are down with vaccination rates going up. Community immunity has been achieved. Why this legislation and why the coordinated attack simultaneously with similar bills in other states? Let the politicians and the people legislate, not an industry who gains profit. Personally, I don’t believe that healthcare professionals should be allowed in politics. The medical profession and legislation combined is a slippery slope. What is the end game with that? More legislation requiring medical procedures be conducted on the populace? We need to think sternly about that prospect.

Assembly Member Waldron, I have been in contact with Senator Anderson and Senator Bates and both of them voted this bill down on the Senate floor the other day. I am asking you and those two honorable republicans to be the ones who lead the charge. This is your opportunity to create a groundswell within the Republican Party of our state and do something great. This is your opportunity to have your name remembered in the annals of history. It’s no easy fight going against the grain, Assembly Member. And that’s exactly what I’m asking you to do. I urge you to not only vote this down, but to motivate every single republican in the assembly and any democrat friends of yours to vote this down and kill it and leave our civil rights and freedoms in tact. This is your opportunity to defeat tyranny. This is your opportunity to propagate honor and leave government out of the Doctor/Patient relationship. I am all for profit and corporate success. But never at the expense of people’s safety. Never at the expense of civil rights and/or parental rights. Never at the expense of medical informed consent. God bless the United States of America. God bless California. God bless us all.

Thanks for your time and best regards,

Rob Cohen”