ACTION PLAN for Friday, May 29th 2015

ACTION PLAN for Friday, May 29th 2015

****From the OKOC Strategic Team****

**** Friday, May 29th – SB 277 UPDATE & CALL TO ACTION***

We have multiple HIGH PRIORITY and easy actions that we need mass participation on!

SB 277 has been referred to the Assembly Health Committee ONLY.

We have made a great effort, and rightly so, to get the bill heard in multiple committees, the most important of which would be Education.

The single committee referral of SB 277 is a very controversial decision, affecting a very controversial bill and occurred because Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins used her influence to prevent SB 277 from multi-committee referral. This does not reflect well on the legislative process as echoed by re-tweets made by Assembly Rules Committee Co-Chair Ling Ling Chang regarding this decision.


(@AsmL2Chang – “no matter what your position is on #SB277 we need to ensure transparency. This bill impacts a lot of parents.” AND @AssemblyGOP: . @AsmL2Chang on #SB277 – “This is not about whether you support or oppose vaccinations, it’s about the integrity of the assembly.”)

We have heard that there are members of the Education Committee, and even the Judiciary Committee, that have asked to hear the bill, and it’s still possible to make this happen. It is a long shot but it IS a possibility. The Education committee members can bring a request to hear the bill to Speaker Toni Atkins and then she will make the final decision on if it is referred to the Education Committee or not.


We have a multi-pronged approach to our Education Committee referral strategy that is to be done simultaneously. As always, being polite, calm and on-point gives your message the best chance of being heard.

A.) CALL Assembly Education Committee members and politely ask them to make a request to Speaker Atkins to allow SB 277 to be heard in their committee.

Your reasoning for this request should focus on the fact that tens of thousands of CA kids will be denied their rights to education AND that implementation and enforcement of this will fall on the schools. There should be a hearing on how the state plans to support school districts in this if each school district is going to become a “SB 277 Enforcer”.

PHONE numbers for Assembly Education Committee:

  • Patrick O’Donnell (Chair) – (916) 319-2070
  • Rocky J. Chávez (Vice Chair) – (916) 319-2076
  • Young O. Kim – (916) 319-2065
  • Kevin McCarty – (916) 319-2007
  • Miguel Santiago – (916) 319-2053
  • Tony Thurmond – (916) 319-2015
  • Shirley N. Weber – (916) 319-2079

B.) CALL Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and ask that she have SB 277 reassigned to the Education Committee.

Clearly, she has not been an ally in this referral process so far. But, like all politicians, she has her own personal motivators and causes that she fights hard for. Speaker Atkins is big on gender inequality issues and that is our leverage point with her.

Let her know that, if passed, SB 277 would further expand the gap of pay and inequality for women if they are FORCED to stay home and homeschool their children. Ask her to step up and fight forced gender inequality by having SB 277 reassigned to the Education Committee.

PHONE number for Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins

Toni Atkins – (916) 319-2078

C.) SIGN Petition of Protest Regarding Single Committee Referral

It will send a powerful message that, approx 24 hours after it was learned that Speaker Toni Atkins had maneuvered to prevent SB 277 from multi-committee referral, that over 6,000+++ Californians have signed this petition in protest. It basically says ‘We know what you did and we are calling you on it”.


We still need to make sure that SB 277 is given a full hearing in the Health Committee with enough time to cover the many serious issues involved. Most likely, SB 277 will be heard in the Health Committee in the next 2 weeks. The date is not yet confirmed but the assumption is that it will be on Tuesday, June 9th at 1:30pm.

A.) CALL Health Committee members and politely ask

1.) that a SPECIAL ORDER OF BUSINESS be allowed for SB 277 so that its many issues can be addressed and

2.) for them to oppose SB 277.

  • Rob Bonta (Chair) – (916) 319-2018
  • Brian Maienschein (Vice Chair) – (916) 319-2077
  • Susan Bonilla – (916) 319- 2014
  • Autumn Burke – (916) 319-2062
  • Rocky Chavez – (916) 319-2076
  • David Chiu – (916) 319-2017
  • Jimmy Gomez – (916) 319-2051
  • Lorena Gonzalez – (916) 319-2080
  • Roger Hernandez – (916) 319-2048
  • Tom Lackey – (916) 319-2036
  • Adrin Nazarian – (916) 319-2046
  • Jim Patterson – (916) 319-2023
  • Sebastian Ridley-Thomas – (916) 319-2054
  • Freddie Rodriguez – (916) 319-2052
  • Miguel Santiago – (916) 319-2053
  • Marc Steinorth – (916) 319-2040
  • Tony Thurmond – (916) 319-2015
  • Marie Waldron – (916) 319-2075
  • Jim Wood – (916) 319-2002

B.) ATTEND the Assembly Health Committee Hearing & Rally


There is not a date confirmed yet for the Health Committee Hearing BUT there is a very good chance it will be on Tuesday, June 9th at the capitol at 10am. If the health Committee remains the only committee SB 277 is referred to then this will be our LAST CHANCE to have public input including expert testimony. After the committee hearing it goes to Assembly floor vote, then back to Senate floor vote if any amendments have been added, and then to the Governor.

Link to Heath Committee Hearing Event:


Continue to CALL, WRITE & MEET with your district Assembly member. It is of vital importance that they hear from constituents in opposition to SB 277. We need their support if we are going to stop this bill so do not let up on them for a second.

Find your District Assembly member through this link:

Get their contact info here…

4.) SIGN PETITION for California Teachers Association (CTA)

The CTA is the most powerful union in CA. This petition asks that they take a position opposing both SB 277 & SB 792. We need 10,000+ signatures before their June 5th meeting! So let’s get signing and sharing! Sign it for each individual in your home please! Ask family and friends to sign. We need CTA in this fight. Please share everywhere!

Link for California Teachers Association Petition:

The forces pushing this bill are moneyed and powerful. But we, the people – for our children, for our unalienable rights – will never stop pushing back. We need to shift the prevailing conversation and perception both publicly and politically. Together, we are the force that will shift the pendulum. We must reach out, connect, share, engage, educate, demonstrate, activate – that is how we will create a groundswell of support for change.