Spread the word about being a Health Choice Advocate


The Health Choice Movement is the global movement about the right to know what is going into our bodies and having the freedom to make that choice. It’s time to dispel the stereotypes and misrepresentation in the media of us and change the language to who we really are: we are Health Choice Advocates. This movement is already happening; we are just unifying the message and image. It’s time to show global unification of ALL groups fighting for health and food freedom. The Health Choice Movement is the global movement that is needed now.

Again, the Health Choice Movement is not owned by anyone; it is owned by the world. Anyone associated with promoting the movement can distribute the symbol, branding, and verbiage, including copying and pasting this information onto their website. The symbol and branding is intended to be used by all groups, individuals, and organizations fighting for food and health freedom as a means to brand the movement.

We need YOUR help to spread this around the world. Put this info on your website or blog. Tweet about it. Change your avatar and post a link in the photo comments. Ask others to do the same. Here’s how to do the minimum:

  • Change your avatar (profile picture). Download the images below to your desktop. Go to your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram profile page. Go to your settings or hover over your profile picture to see options. Upload this symbol or one of the memes. Once posted, add the movement’s definition in the comments and/or post:
    • “I am a Health Choice Advocate. I want to know what’s going into my body and I want a choice.” Provide a link back tobit.ly/HealthChoiceMovement OR any other sharing this information, along with the symbol’s meaning: “The circle represents wholeness, the world, and unity. The cross, or “plus” sign, symbolizes health and body. The two horizontal lines (i.e. equal sign) depict equality and freedom.”

Want to do more? Great! Here’s what you can do:

  • Tell Others. Tell others to change their avatar. Ask website owners to copy/paste this information on a new page or post. Tweet and share it on social media.
  • Change the language. Instead of “anti-vaxxer,” or “hippie,” saturate your communication with the press and on social media with the new term of “Health Choice Advocate.” If talking about the movement, use “Health Choice Movement.” Feel weird about using the word “choice”? Use “Health Freedom Advocate” instead.
  • Add to your materials. The symbol is not meant to replace your logo nor your organization. It is meant to brand the global movement. Use it alongside your own organization’s logo, memes, flyers, and branded materials to show the world how many people want food and medical freedom.
  • Post all of this on your own website or blog. Just copy and paste it all into it’s own post.

    It’s happening now. We’re not going to sit around and let them take our freedoms and rights away. The movement is already happening; do your part to spread the word and show global unification of Health Choice Advocates.

plus sign equal sign health choice movement logo