Referendum Against SB 277

As many of you know and are already involved, there is a referendum to get SB277 (now law) on the ballot to let the people of California vote on the matter. Local county efforts around the state are feverishly working to make this happen. The goal is to receive 500,000 petition signatures (367,000 need to be valid) by the middle of September. This is the best way we have to kill this bill.

Below is a letter and call to action written by a wonderful local volunteer that further explains why this is so important. 

At the bottom of the letter, you will find information about how you can get involved. We need all hands on deck to pull this off!  Thank you!

Dear Friends, 

I am helping to collect signatures for the referendum against SB277. This will allow this matter to be decided by the people of California, not the pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists. 

The referendum against SB277 is important to every one of you. This is NOT a debate about vaccinations and the pros and cons, its about OUR RIGHTS. Our right to choose what we put in our bodies, food/GMO’s, what’s in our water, what drugs you use, what medical procedures and medical treatments you agree to.. etc etc. 

What I have seen with this referendum, and so many other pieces of legislation that are “up” right now, is how the corporations and large companies continue to dominate decisions that deeply impact our lives, our health, and our planet. I feel that democracy is not being served, nor is the voice of the everyday average person being represented. For that reason, I wish to be part of letting the people decide, yay or nay, about this issue. For me, it’s about reclaiming my voice and my power. 

You may not have an opinion about this particular issue, or you might have a very strong opinion. Signing this referendum is about establishing the right for all of us to vote about it. Signing this referendum does not vote yay or nay to vaccination at this point in time. it simply says ~ yes, let the people decide. 

I would like to ask each and every one of you THAT IS A REGISTERED VOTER IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA to sign this. For the local people, I can come to you at your convenience; it literally will take 30 seconds once I am there. It must be signed in person. For non local people, you can find a place to sign here: 

I really hope you will take this opportunity to exercise your voice and allow the voice of all citizens to be involved in this critical decision. This should also help set precedent for our voices to be represented in other critical decisions more than they are now. 

Thank you very very much.

For more information, visit:

Thank you!