Californians for Medical Freedom – Tahoe

Composed of 300+ Truckee-Tahoe registered voters who are community members, parents, business owners, health practitioners, and friends,  Californians For Medical Freedom – Tahoe is just one of the several newly formed grassroots groups of the thousands of parents and community members opposing California SB 277 and medical mandates. We are the Tahoe division of Our Kids Our Choice, a 501c4 non-profit organization. We are Health Choice / Health Freedom Advocates and are part of the Health Choice / Health Freedom Movement. We are NOT anti-vaccination; we are anti-medical mandates.

Most of us got involved in this group not because we are political activists. In fact, for most of us, this cause has encouraged us to get out of our “bubble” and for the first time, to take a vocal, and political, stance. Your voice is important, too. Come help us oppose SB 277 and preserve our civil and first amendment rights!